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Paul and Isolde James-Griffiths, Edinburgh 

Paul and Isolde    

In 2014 Paul and Isolde James-Griffiths launched out and pioneered Christian Heritage Edinburgh, with the motto: "Challenging today from the past".

When they moved from London to Edinburgh in 2004, it soon became apparent to them that Edinburgh has an extraordinary Christian history that has shaped Scotland and the world. They noticed that most of the walking tours in the city’s Old Town focused on ghosts and witches, and whatever content there was about the Christian faith in general tours tended to be negative. They sensed strongly that the real Christian story needed to be told, so they pioneered the Celtic Tour, which has now become the Christian Heritage Tour, which is part of their charitable business called Soul of Scotland Tours.

Out this grew the Christian Heritage Centre, which at first attracted over 10,000 visitors in the summer, but before the March 2020 Covid lockdown attracted almost double that. Teams of Christians, from interdenominational gospel churches, work with them to reach thousands of people from all over the world with the message of Christ. Besides this they run Street Café teams that reach university students, night clubbers, and the general local population of Edinburgh, as well as tourists. They also run an Evangelism Course and produce resources for mission and Christian history.

For more details, please see: Christian Heritage Edinburgh website: and Soul of Scotland Tours website:

Paul and Isolde are very grateful for prayer and financial support. If you would like to receive their prayer list, or to volunteer with them, please get in touch via their website. If you would like to support them financially, you may do this through via the St Thomas' World Concern Fund (please speak to the Treasurer, Miller Bogie), or you can make donations online at their website. 

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